The Ministry of Minerals, represented by the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company (supervisory arm), launched the Guide for Environmental Conditional Requirements which would be a specific model that steers and governs the relation between companies and those working in the mining sector.

The Minerals’ Minister, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Sadek Al Karori, during his address at the launching of the Guide and the end of Sudan International Mining  Forum and Exhibition activities today (Wednesday), stated that his ministry is playing an important role in safeguarding environment. He pointed out that his ministry strives to excel all its work through a well studied scientific plan.

He assured of implementing all the environmental requirements contained in the Guide. He continued by saying: “these requirements would be one of the bases for continuing working in the mining sector or can lead to stopping of work in this sector. It depends on compliance with the requirements and adherence to this draft”. He said these should be a well memorized slab for all those who wish to work in mining.  He pointed out that his Ministry will impose strict and close supervision for adherence to these requirements.

At the same time, HE assured of his Ministry's commitment to implementing the recommendations of the 2nd Sudan International Mining Forum and Exhibition held at Khartoum during the current week.


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