Pointed to its intention to join the Islamic Gold Stocks Market in Turkey

The Ministry of Minerals revealed a new strategy that revolves around focusing on industrial minerals. It will work on investing in these during the coming stage for benefiting from the large amounts of money spent by the country in importing products manufactured from these minerals despite their presence in the country.

The ministry confirmed its strive to cooperate especially with Turkey in establishing this industry as Turkey has a history in this field. The ministry also revealed the intention of Sudan to join the Islamic Gold Stock Market in Turkey that was established lately.

The Undersecretary of Ministry of Minerals, Dr. Najm Eldin Daoud, met today (Wednesday) with the representatives of the Arabic-Turkish Association for Strategic and Economical Cooperation. The meeting was attended also by the Director of Planning and Policies Directorate of the ministry as well as some businessmen. The meeting stressed on the importance of taking steps for revive economic cooperation and trade relations between Sudan and Turkey.

He pointed out that relations between Sudan and Turkey are old ones and hence strive must be there for developing joint projects. He added that the forum that will be organized by the Arabic-Turkish Association for Strategic and Economic Cooperation in Sudan tomorrow (Thursday) will serve as a turning point regarding the economic cooperation folder. He revealed the presence of over 30 minerals in Sudan that can be invested on and benefit from.

From his side, the Head of the Turkish-Arabic Association for Strategic Economic Cooperation, Dr. Mohamed Al Adil, revealed that they are organizing a workshop at Khartoum tomorrow (Thursday) to discuss how to activate the economic cooperation between Sudan and Turkey in a number of areas. On top of these are agriculture and livestock along with the mineral resources sector.

He pointed out that Turkey has a clear strategy to establish industrial zones in Arabic countries, and that there are some of these already established in Morocco and Egypt. He stressed their pursuit of establishing industrial areas in Sudan through attracting Turkish business men to establish these areas along with the public sector.

He indicated their keenness for the project to be launched as a civil initiative with a support from government. He continued saying that this is an initiative from our side with the hope of taking one step ahead especially as the Sudan is heading towards an important phase after the lifting of the economic sanctions).

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