The Investment Minister Mubarak Al-Fadil, unveiled a new investment law during a seminar organized by the Ministry of Minerals on Sunday with the participation of the Canadian Embassy.

He said that “the new investment law awaits many proposals to become more attractive and accommodating” and to include exclusive and customs-free areas, making it more distinguished from the old law.

In the same context, Minister of Minerals Mohamed Ahmed Ali confirmed his ministry’s keenness to resolve all problems facing the mining companies and noted that on-site tours made to a number of the country’s states aimed to acquaint the Ministry of Minerals on the volume of mining work in Sudan and the magnitude of problems encountered.

He pointed out that the seminar aims to realize a qualitative leap for the Ministry, enabling it develop the mining sector through sound strategic planning and with Canadian expertise.

For his part, Canada’s ambassador to Khartoum, Salah Beni Daoud, said that the Canadian side is ready to cooperate with Sudan. He pointed out that mining in Canada is one of the most important sectors that support the process of transformative Industries; Sudan is considered one of the advanced African countries in the field of mining, the Canadian diplomat stated.

Representative of the Finance Ministry asserted keenness to meet all requirements of investors in accordance with the laws, in addition to hard work to remove all distortions that impede the flow of investments in the country. He said that  a special committee of  the Ministry of Finance is working to address the issues of customs exemptions for  production inputs of companies and grant permission to  those companies to import through their client Banks.

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