Lt. General Mohamed Ahmed Ali Ibrahim, Minster of Minerals declared to open   within three weeks outlets for Purchasing the Gold at  Al-Tagola  Gold Mine  in South Kordofan state  to control the production of the Gold . The Minister declared as well   his commitment to construct a medical clinic and support the area by ambulance car   ensuring their keenness on environmental safety for human being, animals and agriculture during processes of the artisanal mining in the state appealing the local community in the Albajoon area  to be  in patient  with companies  in order to provide them services of health, water ,education and asphalt roads .

From his side, Mr. Ahmed Mufadhal, Governor of South Kordofan state has affirmed their concern on safety of environment and support of his state to the local, state and national economy calling on companies for more support towards the citizens of the state. It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Minerals and under its community  responsibility  has  distributed   eight thousand school bags for the Basic School Students  at this  locality.



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