Lt. General, Mohamed Ahmed Ali, Minister of Minerals directs preventing mediators of mining to practice their activities in South Kordofan State, pointing out to the conflicts and disputes which affected negatively on production, describing these disputes are just because of interests.

During his tour stated on Monday,30,July 2018  to South Kordofan ,the minister of minerals addressed the mining companies  and directed to form a committee to stop brokers and mediators of illegal mining  especially in mining wastes. He warned to take severe procedures against this illegal project, noted to stop any company support such practices.

The Minister of Minerals called on these companies to commit with production pointing out to the government need to any gram of these minerals pointed to the current economic situations. He permitted these companies a period of of 6 months to produce all stocked amounts

He noted to environmental problems resulted from such practices. The minister also directed SUDAMIN Company to provide safety equipments to the artisanal miners and provide it in the market within two weeks, in addition to appoint environmental supervisors in these markets. He called on these companies to invest in industrial minerals.

From his side.  Mr. Ahmed  Ibrahim Mufadhel ,Governor of South Kordofan state confirmed to deal seriously with these issues. He explained  his state opens the door for investors to come to invest in South Kordofan. He promised to deal seriously in combating  mediators to transform to an organized mining.

Dr. Mohamed Abufatima, Director General of the Geological Researches Authority of Sudan described South Kordofan state as one of the richest states of Sudan  of  minerals potentials  in the top, the gold, marble ,phosphate, uranium ,fluoride and rocks of decorations.

It is worth mentioning that the minister of minerals and governor  of South Kordofan state held the state mining coordinating council no.2  for the year 2018 in South Kordofan.

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