State Minister at Ministry of Petroleum, Gas and Minerals, Lt. General,  Awad Alneel Dhaya ,   affirmed necessity of maximizing the artisanal mining returns to support the public treasury in line with the priorities of state policy.

        Lt. General Dhaya directed to rationalize the expenditure to create a budget ,he also  pointed out that the great dependence of the state has become on the artisanal mining which contributes by 80% of the total production .This came during his speech at the fifth forum of the artisanal mining which organized by General Directorate of supervision and Controlling of the Artisanal Mining which took place on Tuesday 9th.        Oct.2018

              For his part, Mr. (Eng.)  Mujahid al-Bilal the Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company, said that the main objectives that the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company seeks to achieve through the General Directorate for Supervision and Controlling of Artisanal  Mining to control fully  the Artisanal mining activity which achieved an increase in production during this year that  estimated (10%) of the total production in 2017. Mr. Al-Bilal explained that the most important challenges facing the  Artisanal  mining sector are to seek the introduction of kernels under the umbrella of financial supervision, controlling of mining waste then to  prevent  its storage in the markets.

           In this context, Mr. Hatem Al-Bushri, the Director-General of the General Directorate for the Supervision and Controlling  of Artisanal Mining, , explained that the large deployment of his administration enabled the process of taking of information of the  Artisanal mining activity, pointing out that the most important issues raised by this forum is how to control the production of gold through a special committee to reduce the smuggling process to maximize the public revenues of the State and how to deal with administrative intersections in some states, work to develop and regulate markets as well as discuss environmental issues and remove all distortions in the markets of mining.




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