State Minister at Ministry of Petroleum, Gas and Minerals, Lt. General,  Awad Alneel Dhaya , said that the recent situation of the country insists the recent government particularly Ministry of Petroleum , Gas  and Minerals  to speed up the production and works to avail the hard currencies and  to ease the burden of living then to provide a decent life of the Sudanese people.

            Lt. General, Awad Alneel Dhaya during his meeting with leaders the Geological Research Authority of the Sudan (GRAS) in the presence of the undersecretary, the director general of GRAS and the directors of the General Directorates  affirmed that his ministry considered as one of the most important  ministries which the leaders of the state rely on to ease the burden of the Sudanese people living calling GRAS to work for strengthening its states offices to implement its works.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatima Abdalla, the director general of the Geological Research Authority of the Sudan (GRAS)displayed  the most performance works of GRAS during the last nine months saying that the technical and administrative sides were witnessed very important development


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