As per the Presidential Decree No. (22) of 2010, the Ministry of Minerals is responsible for the application of the mining investment system in the Republic of Sudan and for supervising its implementation. Of its main tasks is promotion and attraction of local and foreign investment for the development and growth of the mining sector in Sudan. Sudan is considered, thanks to Allah, one of the promising countries in the field of mining and the development of mineral resources is considered an important objective. Achieving this objective, within the international competitive environment, poses many challenges. Sudan has taken several steps to attract investment in the mining sector and promote it in addition to other quality initiatives being taken in this regard.


Responsibilities defined by the Presidential Decree number 22 of 2010 are as follows:


·         Supervise geological exploration surveys and prospecting for natural and mineral wealth throughout the Sudanese territory, territorial waters and the continental shelf.


·         Develop national policies and plans in the field of mining.


·         Promote investment in mining sector and develop policies that ensure the attraction of investors while maintaining the interests of Sudan.


·         Sign contracts on behalf of the State with investors and grant licenses according to law.


·         Supervision on companies licensed for exploration and mining as per contracts and permits.


·         Representation of the State for all its rights in the mining area according to the signed agreements.


·         Develop technical standards for establishments, products and environmental and safety protection requirements for mining activities in coordination with concerned authorities.


·         Supervise public companies as well as those in which the government has shares in the area of mining.


·         Supervision on research and studies in the field of minerals.


·         Training and development of human resources in mining and related fields.


·         Development of national relations with institutions and relevant regional and international organizations


·         Representation of the Sudan externally in mining sector.




Units forming the Ministry:


·         Ministry Headquarters




Units under direct supervision of the Minister:


·         Public Authority for Geological Research.


·         Ariab Company for Mining Limited



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